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Meaningful Contributions To Milwaukee Is What Irgens Partners Is Known For

irgensFly-by-night builders and absentee landlords are anathema to progress. These individuals will capitalize on any real estate deal that might earn them a buck in the short-term but are impossible to reach when they’ve got unfulfilled duties on the to-do list. Irgens Partners in Milwaukee, a commercial and healthcare real estate developer, couldn’t be further from either of these entities. This company, which has taken an active role in the Wisconsin real estate sector as well as in Chicago and Phoenix, has been instrumental in the development of buildings that are meaningful contributions to the local economy. With the Wisconsin real estate sector as red-hot as it currently is, Irgens Partners can confidently tell readers that retaining experts to guide redevelopment is one of the smartest moves you can make. Read on to discover why!


Irgens Partners has been a cornerstone in Milwaukee real estate since its founding in 1983. During the decades since, the company has worked with owners and investors to develop a portfolio of properties that has an accumulated value of $2 billion. Take the Auto Body Toolmart, located in in Elgin, Illinois, for example. When the owners reached out to Irgens Partners for help, they would receive end-to-end help. It began with Irgens Partners drafting the request for proposals (RFP) so they could buy the land, design the 60,000-square-foot facility and even save substantial amounts of money along the way. The latter would be accomplished thanks to the vision of Irgens Partners’ leadership who boast decades of combined industry experience. In short: they know how to maximize project value.  Of course, all that success would be for nothing if Irgens Partners in Milwaukee didn’t contribute to the region that has welcomed it with open arms. Sustainability and community are two cornerstones of this company’s policy on giving back. The former is often accomplished through building policies that are mindful of the environment while the latter means community, non-profit and faith-based groups often receive charitable contributions of time, talent, energy and money.


Nobody wants to live in an area devoid of convenient commercial and healthcare options. Unfortunately, this is a possible outcome if a company like Irgens Partners doesn’t step in and offer insight on ways to effectively build a business’ footprint and future management. For boosters of Milwaukee and the greater Wisconsin region who want to know if Irgens Partners is making meaningful contributions, the above examples of corporate assistance and charitable giving should stand out as prime examples.

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